Hello! Thank you for visiting my website!

I’m Magda, a Melbourne mum of two kiddos (3 & 5) and creator of Kids Walls! Kids Walls is all about fun & colourful prints because what kid has ever said they like beige and neutrals?!  My mission is to make prints that both kids and parents want to hang on the wall.


I’ve always loved doodling and thought it was time to get my work out into the world (rather than hiding in my desk drawers). My kids are responsible for most of the drawing ideas (but thankfully not pricing - they suggested $1 billion thousand per print which I appreciate might be too much for a print)… 


My prints are digital drawings. Everything is hand drawn and then printed by a local printer on a 250gsm smooth paper.


Most of my posters are animals up to some antics but I also draw personalised name prints which make a great gift!